BOA has years of experience in supplying transport solutions. These transport solutions are implemented for you in a customer-specific manner using the various types of conveyor belts which BOA can supply.

As a manufacturer of baling presses and a comprehensive supplier of waste separation and disposal installations, BOA specialises in the development of turnkey solutions for an extensive range of problems in waste disposal.

In addition to BOA´s activities in the production of equipment for waste disposal, BOA also supplies rubber belts, chain conveyors, steel plate conveyors, circulation belts and walking floors. 

Large and small installations, built with the newest technologies. Closed construction, dust removal and an integrated up and down sloping selection are options for all our belts.


This type of conveyor belt consists of an endless rubber belt. Depending on the application, the belts run on support reels or slide plates. The belt can be fitted with rubber catchers, as a flat belt or as a profiled sheet. The rubber belt is available as a sorting belt but also as a bunker belt. For bunker belts, sturdy hydraulically driven bunker doors are available. Constructed with a heavy-duty structure suitable for a large range of materials.


The chain conveyor consists of a stable open-frame structure of profiled steel and sheetwork and a drive and tightening section. The sides of the above-ground section are covered with removable plates, making the chain easily accessible for maintenance purposes. 

The 6 mm thick rubber transport belt is attached to cylindrical profiles installed between two transport chains. A special guide rail on each cylinder protects the chain from lateral forces. The raised sheet edge of reinforced steel sheet is composed of removable sections of 1500 mm in length. The KTH can be installed in the floor or above-ground.


The steel plate conveyor belt consists of specially designed steel slats mounted on roller chains. The chain rollers run on wear-resistant strips. The frame is fitted with easily removable side and bottom sheetwork. The PBM is designed to cope with sharp materials, and the labyrinth sealing prevents fine materials from reaching the chain.


The circulation belt consists of a drive unit, a transport chute, vertical tightening section and a return pad suspended from the roof. The transport sheet consists of a antistatic synthetic pad, covered on the sides across the entire chute length with a flexible strip. The vertical tightening section is protected with perforated sheetwork up to a height of 2 meters. No contamination of material occurs in the pit, leading among other things to increased fire protection.

The vertical prepress flaps in the filling openingf the pressclose simultaneously, resulting in a closed press channel.Because of this, optimal-weight homogeneous bales areproduced without cutting being necessary.

These flaps hve been built in such a way that any impactingforces are efectively absorbed. The front flap is smalle in view of the distribution of forces, and is equipped with a toothing, so that material between the flaps can be cut. The rear flap is equippedwith a fallback mechanism and  an anti-blockage switch, which minimizes interventions.

Because of this, materials that are difficulto press can beprocessed as well. The press ram is equipped with a toothing for processing highly expansive materials. Consequently, the press is extremely suitable for processing paper, cardboard, varied material, various plastics and other recyclables.


If constructed with a “Refuse” ram the baler is also capableof pressing domestic waste, wood, straw, hay and textiles.Moreover, several control possibilities provide optimal pressing results with heavy, well shaped and stackable bales.