Over the past three decades many hundreds of Continette baling presses have been sold worldwide. Almost all of them are still performing today. Like all BOA baling presses, the Continette is a real workhorse. Reliable, robust, strong and easy.

The Continette II builds on the strengths of the original Continette: reliability, durability, compactness, strength and low-cost. However, wherever improvements are possible, they are made. Basically, the BOA engineers turned the Continette II into the compact version of its revolutionary high-end baling press, the Impress.

The result: low-maintenance, low-cost baling presses offering long-term operational reliability of almost 100%. For decades.

The Continette II is a low-cost channel baling press of the cutting press type, with automatic tying system and hydraulically controlled press channel for fully automatic production and high capacity.

The baling press is available with a variety of cutters, depending on the type of material for which it is used. The cutters are located under the robust cutter bar in the press frame and on top of the pressing ram.


  • Bale discharger.
  • Wire reel holders and wire guides.
  • Hopper with inspection door and cage ladder, and operating platform.
  • Tropics-type hydraulic system.
  • Control cabinet ventilation and heating.
  • Oil tank heating.
  • Bypass valve in hopper.
  • Curved bale discharger.
  • Data integration with Microsoft Office® network environment.
  • Modem for on-line support and remote control.
  • ‘Powerboss’ control for even lower energy consumption. 


  • Working with a Continette II means: virtually eliminating downtime.
  • No downtime means process continuity, fast return on investment.
  • Working with a Continette II means: low maintenance - just greasing, replacing the few wearables it has in time. Low maintenance means: low operational costs.
  • The Continette II is produced and supported by BOA.
  • The BOA logo means: high-quality engineering, a proven track record, a reliable partner.

The vertical prepress flaps in the filling openingf the pressclose simultaneously, resulting in a closed press channel.Because of this, optimal-weight homogeneous bales areproduced without cutting being necessary.

These flaps hve been built in such a way that any impactingforces are efectively absorbed. The front flap is smalle in view of the distribution of forces, and is equipped with a toothing, so that material between the flaps can be cut. The rear flap is equippedwith a fallback mechanism and  an anti-blockage switch, which minimizes interventions.

Because of this, materials that are difficulto press can beprocessed as well. The press ram is equipped with a toothing for processing highly expansive materials. Consequently, the press is extremely suitable for processing paper, cardboard, varied material, various plastics and other recyclables.


If constructed with a “Refuse” ram the baler is also capableof pressing domestic waste, wood, straw, hay and textiles.Moreover, several control possibilities provide optimal pressing results with heavy, well shaped and stackable bales.