The BOA Baseline is an easy to use and reliable baling press, producing evenly formed bales at low operating costs. Not being pretentious, just doing what it’s made for: straightforward baling!

The competitively priced BOA Baseline is a basic baling press that produces perfect mill-sized bales. It is user-friendly, easy accessible and safe. 

This horizontal shear baler has an automatic binding system with 5 vertical wires, using minimum floor space. It produces bales fully automatically and has a press force of 60 tons. The optimum design of the press chamber and the cutting bar results in excellent cutting performance. The machine applies more force and speed to compress the material, reducing wear, operating costs and energy consumption.

The BOA Baseline is a low-cost shear press with an automatic binding system and a hydraulically functioning pressure channel. It’s a fully automatic baling press which is ultimately suitable to press paper, cardboard, plastic

(such as film and PET) into well-shaped stackable bales. 

The baseline press is easy to control, maintenance-free and has no unnecessary options. In short: The baseline reflects for high-quality, operational reliability and low costs.


Technical facts

  • Self-supporting construction enabling the baler to be installed quickly and easily.
  • Easy operation through an intuitive touch screen.
  • Reliable hydraulic drive, continuous oil filtration.
  • Low installed power with high press force of up to 60 tons.
  • Reliable, hydraulically driven binding system for automatic binding of the bales.
  • Vertical binding with 5 wires and small reel holders.


Hydraulic facts

  • Hydraulic unit with high-quality reliable European components.
  • Solid and low-noise pump.
  • Valve block with cartridge valves.
  • The hydraulic unit is compact, service friendly and well accessible.


  • Very efficient baling, thanks to its low installed power combined with a high press force.
  • Binding with 5 vertical wires, taking up a little floor space.
  • Easy accessible and low wear and tear, reducing the maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • Very competitive price, quick return on investment.
  • User-friendly: touchscreen operation and the possibility to program many different material settings.
  • Makes heavy, evenly formed and easily-stackable mill-sized bales.

The vertical prepress flaps in the filling openingf the pressclose simultaneously, resulting in a closed press channel.Because of this, optimal-weight homogeneous bales areproduced without cutting being necessary.

These flaps hve been built in such a way that any impactingforces are efectively absorbed. The front flap is smalle in view of the distribution of forces, and is equipped with a toothing, so that material between the flaps can be cut. The rear flap is equippedwith a fallback mechanism and  an anti-blockage switch, which minimizes interventions.

Because of this, materials that are difficulto press can beprocessed as well. The press ram is equipped with a toothing for processing highly expansive materials. Consequently, the press is extremely suitable for processing paper, cardboard, varied material, various plastics and other recyclables.


If constructed with a “Refuse” ram the baler is also capableof pressing domestic waste, wood, straw, hay and textiles.Moreover, several control possibilities provide optimal pressing results with heavy, well shaped and stackable bales.