This sturdy machine is highly suitable for effective opening of bags. Defining features of the Bag Opener are its simplicity and efficiency.

This limits user and maintenance costs to the absolute minimum. The Bag Opener may be fed from a conveyor belt, grabber or shovel with bags. The bags fall onto a drum fitted with hammers. The helical placement of the hammers allows for maximum impact from each hammer.

The slowly revolving drum takes the material along an adjustable comb which is also fitted with sturdy hammers. The space between the comb and the drum can be easily adjusted by means of spindles. This makes it easy to process several types of material; large bags, small bags, bales of material, fine material etc. After opening the bags, the material will fall from the bottom of the machine onto a conveyor or into a chute.

The Bag Opener drum is driven directly by a planetary transmission. To absorb overload, shocks and impact, the planetary transmission is driven by V-belts. The RPMs and capacity can be easily set by means of a frequency control. As soon as overload is detected, the infeed of bags is stopped. The drum will turn in the opposite direction for a short period of time.

The machine has an adjustable cleaning mechanism, where any wrapping of material around the drum is prevented.


  • The front of the machine can be easily opened hydraulically for maintenance.
  • The machine is not sensitive to disruptive materials through the large force per hammer.
  • Opening the bags does not affect the material.
  • The drum, complete with drive, can easily be dismantled completely.
  • Also usable as bale breaker thanks to its extremely heavy construction.

The vertical prepress flaps in the filling openingf the pressclose simultaneously, resulting in a closed press channel.Because of this, optimal-weight homogeneous bales areproduced without cutting being necessary.

These flaps hve been built in such a way that any impactingforces are efectively absorbed. The front flap is smalle in view of the distribution of forces, and is equipped with a toothing, so that material between the flaps can be cut. The rear flap is equippedwith a fallback mechanism and  an anti-blockage switch, which minimizes interventions.

Because of this, materials that are difficulto press can beprocessed as well. The press ram is equipped with a toothing for processing highly expansive materials. Consequently, the press is extremely suitable for processing paper, cardboard, varied material, various plastics and other recyclables.


If constructed with a “Refuse” ram the baler is also capableof pressing domestic waste, wood, straw, hay and textiles.Moreover, several control possibilities provide optimal pressing results with heavy, well shaped and stackable bales.